Mog's take on...

...Heston Blumenthal's Waitrose Christmas Pudding.
Now each year I cook my usual recipes for Christmas cakes and puddings. Last year was no different , the old recipes books were opened and so I began the 'bake in'. However when I saw the 'Heston' advert , and it was a much shorter version on t.v. than you see above , I was hooked. This could be different and all that orange was bound to give a great flavour.
I had already cooked my usual version and lacking in confidence I kept that as 'the best 'pud and set to make the 'orange' one. Using the same recipe but adding the orange I waited patiently (or impatiently really) for Christmas.
Christmas day I used the old version but on the 27th there were 8 for dinner and no other dessert, dare I try it , well yes I dare and it was delicious!!! A real winner!!
I did find out in the press a week after cooking that I should have used a candied orange(which wasn't shown in the advert I saw) and not just a rindless one, but no matter the orange had permeated the pudding and all was well.It gave it a slight 'Marmalade flavour'.

p.s. I did read that the Waitrose pudding and was in short supply and selling for £150 on ebay , well dare I next year... watch this space!!!


Barbara said…
Glad yours was a success as I read that people trying to make it ended up with a soggy mess.

Soon after I saw the advert I was planning a trip to Waitrose and then saw on Tv that they were soled out just about everywhere. Maybe next year!
That sounds delicious! I missed the advert - did you add orange juice?
Pat said…
I think you were very brave to try it and I'm glad it worked. I ended up making 2 Christmas Cakes - this was my first Christmas cooking with an Aga and the first attempt cooked for 6 hours and did not rise! Glad to say the second was fine - I'd better write down how I did it or I will forget by next year!

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