How I am spending my Sunday.

Today in Mogsville it is fairly quiet.All the animals are fed and watered and we are having a relaxing afternoon.
This morning was taken up with a Traditional Latin Mass at our local church. A very peaceful Mass. After which we arrived home for coffee and a look at the Sunday papers, which are not very inspiring!
Sunday lunch , courtesy of moi was a Turkey and Bacon risotto(using up the last turkey leg from the freezer) , it proved a substantial meal although I have tasted better.
This afternoon I have been completing my Advent and Christmas readings from the above book.In today's gospel the theme was the Marriage Feast of Cana and Saint Francis de Sales in the above book discusses this and the Last Supper, Jesus' first chronicled miracle --- changing water to wine and his Last Supper where wine became his blood.
Not an easy read in places but very thought provoking.
There are also books by Saint Francis de Sales on Lent, Our Lady and Prayer(all on my wishlist)-- roll on my birthday!

How are you spending your Sunday?Hope you enjoy your day.


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