For Martha and me.

As you can see I've made another trip to the library, but now that Martha is passed the tiny baby stage and has reached the ripe old age(!) of 16 months I borrow books for her on my ticket. This has proved quite a hit when she comes to the farm for a few hours and as we always keep a toybox here she doesn't seem to get bored, although my kitchen cupboards are very interesting!!!

So here are the books ---- Martha's picture books proved quite hilarious to the librarian as she thought the cat on the front looked as though it was on 'speed' or somesuch substance.

'To kill or cure' by Susannah Gregory is following in the path of
this post.We are talking medieval murder and Susannah Gregory has never failed to capture my imagination in the books that I have read so far.

'England's Hour' by Vera Brittain, focuses on the Summer of 1940 and the dogfights over London skies. This one is for hubby , it is always a challenge to find a War book he hasn't read, so I do hope he enjoys it.

'The Auschwitz Violin' by Maria Angels Anglada. I read about this book on a blog and was immediately interested. The cover states ir is more than just a novel but a documentation of the strength of the human spirit.

'The Winter Garden Mystery' by Carola Dunn. A mystery set in the 'flapper' era with Daisy Dalrymple being the 1920's 'Miss Marple' ----sounds good to me.

'The Final Act of Mr Shakespeare' by Robert Winder. Always one for historical fiction the back cover had me hooked ---
''Now Shakespeare fizzed with a warming glint of rebellious principle. The King and his henchmaen might treat him a lackey, but there was power in him still, and he would exercise it in the service of one great adventure. It would be called ''The True and Tragicall Historie of Henry V11''. It would remind the world about the callousness of kings.'


Danielle C. said…
The Daisy Dalrymple series is one I enjoy quite a bit - and the artwork for the US hardcovers have such a delightful period feel, too. I am looking forward to the latest, Anthem For Doomed Youth, this spring - and to seeing what you think once you have read The Winter Garden Mystery!
Susan said…
I have the first one on hold at the library in the Daisy Dalrymple series, because of Cath at Read Warbler! I'm interested in what you think of it when you read it. I pick it up this week :-) It looks like so much fun to read!

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