Are you a 'Jason' or 'James' fan?

There were three 'Bourne'... that gives you a clue to how I am spending a leisurely night. Jason Bourne and the Bourne Ultimatum. The first of the three films was shown on t.v. last night and we began to watch but the adverts did get in the way of our viewing. It was then that we remembered that the trio of movies were on the shelf upstairs. So without further ado we watched our own version and tonight we are continuing the trilogy.
Seeing these at the cinema years ago I was quite surprised at my enjoyment . I have never been keen on 'James Bond'type movies.But these are much better imho. Consequently 'Jason' has the edge over 'James'. A great nights' viewing.
Have any of you seen these films ?What are your views?


Miss 376 said…
I watched the first one expecting to turn it off, but instead, I was hooked. They even manage to keep me awake, lol
Susan said…
I own two of the Jason movies, and love the trilogy. Excellent movie making. I like how he comes to realize who and what he is, he still has to live with and use his conscience, and decide again who he wants to be now.

I also own the Daniel Craig Bonds, and have seen almost every Bond movie ever made. Some are better than others, and they are exciting eye candy. cool toys! beautiful (and skilled) women! handsome men! I like the intelligence and raw edge Daniel Craig brings to his version of early Bond.

Overall, I think though I do like The Bourne movies. I'm glad you are enjoying them so much too, Mog!

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