... Holy Father !!

This morning sees the first state visit to Scotland and England of a Pontiff. A wonderful opportunity for Catholics and the country in general to lift up their hearts to God and join with Pope Benedict in praying for help in this secular, modern society.

The media coverage of the Pope's visit seems to be covered but if you need a supplement to this great occasion you may like to check out
this blog. This is written by another pious man who is an inspiration to all his flock in this area. He is transferring his blog at the moment so you are lucky,can catch some of his earlier posts as they appear.

Prayers are offered for the Pope's visit.

Viva Il Papa!!


Barbara said…
I am not a catholic but have been thrilled to see Christianity on the menu and front pages so much these last few days. The Pope has certainly made an impact there.
Vintage Reading said…
I'd like to have seen the Pope on his visit, too. Wonderful that he came to the UK.

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