Tan Hill and the Eden Valley.

It's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the U.K.I normaly never stray far from my front door on these weekends as the traffic is usually appalling and sitting in traffic jams is not my idea of fun. After saying that hubby and I did venture off the farm last night . A trip around the Eden Valley and a spell in the
Tan Hill Inn. The roads along this route were fairly quiet , so we must have picked a good time to drive. This is the highest Inn in Great Britain. Being 1732 feet above sea level, it was quite a climb to get there. The wonderful scenery over the Eden Valley made it worth the while. Once there I was surpised at the number of people 'downing' their pints. A cosy place but noisey , as I'm not a lover of pop music played loudly in every room I don't count it as one of my favourite places. However the scenery was wonderful . Travelling form Bowes along the A66 towards Kirby Stephen you really see the countryside at its best!

Hope you are all enjoying a relaxing weekend.


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