Well double 21 and add quite a few(lol!) and you'll come to my age today, my birthday. I received some lovely presents and cards from family and friends, many are sewing related so no doubt you'll see them on the blog soon.
Tonight I'm going to spend time with my immediate family and watch a wonderful DVD I have been given ' Phantom of the Opera'!!!!

See you all soon.
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Miss 376 said…
Have a great evening, I love Phantom
Margaret said…
Happy Birthday!

The Phantom of the Opera sounds a perfect present!

Have a lovely time.
Molly said…
Happy Birthday!

I think watching Phantom of the Opera is a wonderful way to celebrate.
Chipchick said…
I hope your birthday was great!
Jenny Girl said…
Happyt belated birthday Mog! So sorry for being late.
Hope you had a lovely day and have fun with all of that new fabric :)

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