Wordless Wednesday

A familiar sight on our farm.

More pics can be seen


Christina (Ume) said…
What a lovely photograph! I have always wanted to live on a farm, but I guess every little girl who grew up in the city does <3 They really are adorable though!
Molly said…
LOVE it!

alas, I will not be taking my walk in the Cotwolds this year, as my financing did not come through. I hope to see the English wildlife at some point.
Chipchick said…
I love this...I wish I lived on a farm. I think. I'm sure it is a grass is greener thing, though. Thanks for sharing your farm with me!!!
Barbara said…
Interesting looking sheep. Their faces remind me a bit of Jacob's but slimmer.
Pat said…
Are they looking before leaping? Brilliant photo - we are actually moving to a farm (next month if all goes to plan) and I am so looking forward it.

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