Spring has sprung!

Hello everyone,the last couple of days have seen some spring cleaning tackled. In the bedrooms , paintwork washed and yesterday was such a warm day I managed to wash two pairs of curtains , dry them outside and hang them again. I've swapped over some of my curtains for lighter colours and material in the hope that Spring will definitely 'be around the corner'.
Sorting and disposing of clutter is very therapeutic (as my daughter always tells me!)I'm afraid thes wise words have not been heeded in the past by this ferocious hoarder . But yesterday I took her advice and there is certainly a benefit to this regime. The house not only looks cleaner and brighter but it is so much tidier.
I can thoroughly recommend 'spring cleaning'.
By the way I have just finished a wonderful novel, review will follow soon.


JoAnn said…
I just love that picture - it's perfect! Spring cleaning can be very therapeutic.
Barbara said…
How I agree, it feels so good to get some spring cleaning done. Come this time of year i usually feel torn betwen 'spring cleaning and decluttering' the garden and the house. Try and do a bit of each.

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