Welcome to...

a new blogger--------

You know the feeling , it's a miserable working day --- rain or even snow --- and you are desperate to find something to brighten your day. Well , it's that kind of day, today, and I have been scouring the blogsphere for that elusive ingredient and WOW!! here it is --- a great new blog. Never mind the 3 ''R's' here are the 3 'C's' ----
Cookery, Craftiness and Catholicism, all discussed with a liberal amount of humility and a great take on family life.

Such a welcoming place!! DO take a look, leave a comment, it is well worth a visit.


Miss 376 said…
always fun to find a new blog
I don't think I will be in a hurry to make marmalade again. 3lbs of oranges seems a lot when each has to be halved, juiced, pith and flesh taken out, then the rind finely sliced. It took most of the day for the complete process, but it does taste nice

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