Weekend viewing.

Over the weekend I watched the above movie in two sittings. Oh my I loved it!!! Such a simple story but so romantic. I think it is a remake of an old movie,' The Shop around the Corner'.
The modern version stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. They acted well together and in addition to the good storyline the songs of a couple of decades ago really brought back memories.
Anyhow the real reason for this post is that there is a
reading challenge connected to this movie. It runs throughout the year, I'm joining today , click on the highlighted words for details and then watch the movie for sheer pleasure.

I've also been besotted with a another movie seen on T.V. a couple of weekes ago, unfortunately I only have the audio C.D., but it is wonderful, more about that in another post.


Book Psmith said…
You are right about it being a remake and I hope I get a chance to watch The Shop Around the Corner soon. Thank you for joining the challenge. There is a link up now for February reviews and for the February event. Happy reading! (p.s. Just a warning: the movie may become addictive...my oldest and I watch it three or four times a year:)
JoAnn said…
I just got this movie from Netflix and can't wait to watch it.... especially since I'm the only person left in the entire world that has not seen it!
Anonymous said…
This one is sweet. It seems like it's always on cable somewhere so I catch parts of it all the time. Have fun with the challenge!
IceJewel said…
I love this movie and have seen it umpteen times !!! Had absolutely no idea that this one was a remake !
Nan said…
I love this movie! I own the dvd and have watched many times. I'm also participating in the challenge.

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