Afternoon Tea anyone...

This afternoon was a lonely one --- hubby and daughter out. So after the chores were finished I baked some scones, they always cheer me.
This is my favourite recipe,

Rub 2ozs of margarine into 8 ozs of s.r. flour till resembling breadcrumbs.
Add 1oz of sugar and 2 ozs of dried fruit.
Bind together with 1 egg beaten with 1 quarter pint of milk. I don't use all of this .
Roll out on a floured board till about 2 inches deep.
Cut into rounds, my mix made 6 scones.
Brush with remaining beaten egg and bake at 425 degrees for about 10 mins.
Cool on wire rack.



Molly said…
Oh - I'll be right over! What time is tea served?

They look delicious :)
JoAnn said…
Wish I could pull up a chair and join you!
Mary M said…
They look delicious!

Great recipe...thanks for sharing


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