Winter comforts...

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Can't believe another week has flown. The last few days have found me searching for comforting ideas, scenes etc. The 'white stuff' is still here, although not as deep as the photo, and it is thawing today despite having snow showers this morning.
Anyhow enough of all that depressing topic, hopefully the sun will shine again soon and we can look forward to summer days at Windermere. The photo above was taken two years ago on a beautiful August day.
Till then I need warmth and that is where my wristwarmers come in handy, after finding Lucy's blog I found that she had a pattern for these cozy accessories so using up a few odd balls of wool and a crochet hook, viola! I now have something to keep my hands warm when driving.

I'm not a person reknowned for my 'green fingers' so to keep the Poinsettia and Cyclamen alive is quite a feat for me. The cyclamen was given as a present in September 09 and I bought the poinsettia at Christmas. I must say the latter is not too good, since the photo was taken it has shed a few healthy leaves, not sure of the cause ? too much/little water. Maybe some green fingered readers can shed some light on it.

So we come to the last photo , surely my best comfort I hear you say, and yes she is , good old Mog ---- a delight any any day of the week , whatever the weather. We all love her.


booksplease said…
Lovely post! How does Mog like the snow? Lucy hasn't been out since we moved house - at first because we'd moved and now because of the snow.
Miss 376 said…
We've had rain so most of the white stuff has disappeared. It seems really strange to see the garden. My cats are definitely my favourite winter warmers too.
Jenny Girl said…
Good job with the photo collage. I have never made those wristers because I didn't think they would work, but it has been sooo cold here lately. Give Mog a little scratch behind the ears for me.
Vintage Reading said…
Mog has lovely green eyes. Cats are such a comfort aren't they? Peppa seems to quite like the snow and he's so black he looks very stylish against it!

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