Horsing Around...

Here is Sonny, a Dales Pony (top photo, right) enjoying his winter holidays with some friends in Teesdale. He has had a few weeks off work due to the snow which has given him, along with the other neddys in the pictures, the chance to roll around in the mud and snow and be themselves eating lots of hay.

These native ponies are hardy and unaffected by the weather as they grow long, warm, hairy coats and even beards(!) which protect them against the harsh westerly winds. As the days draw to a close, they know where to go to find shelter in a lower-lying area of the field, when the temperature drops.

The ponies like each others company , they are not always happy alone and are content within a small group, peacefully getting along with each other.


JoAnn said…
They're beautiful... and I love their winter coats!
Linda Jacobs said…
Gorgeous creatures! They look so happy and peaceful.

Looks like most of your snow has gone. Lucky you!

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