The Prince of Darkness

The Prince of Darkness by Jean Plaidy.

The death of Richard the Lionheart places his brother, the infamous Prince John on the throne. He ascends the throne without little support from his family and the English people. Many believed that his brother Geoffrey's son Arthur would be better suited to rule, but John would have his way in this and many feuds throughout his tempestous life.
A cruel and callous man who enjoyed games of depravity and seduction he made many enemies including the pontiff in Rome and the King of France .
Married to Isabella of Angouleme who was twelve at the time, John fathered five children and probably many more outside marriage.In all his royal duties he never failed to show his demonic and sadistic nature, hence the title of the book.
His subjects knew of his wicked ways and ----

'The people said that the storm that blew on that October night(of his death) of the year 1216 was that aroused by the gates of Hell opening wide to receive the Prince of Darkness in his true domain.'

Another winner from Miss Plaidy , although not the most riveting one I have read.


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