Christmas Plants

Good morning fellow bloggers! I feel as though I have neglected both my own blog and all your interesting posts. I thankyou all for the comments you have sent recently and I do intend to visit your blogs within the next few days.
Life is hectic(as I know it is for many at this time), the bathroom is progressing well but the house does seem a bit chaotic, bathroom furniture here , there and everywhere. On a positive note I have baked all my mince pies, all 36! Every year I think there are too many and every year they are eaten!Most of the presents are wrapped and cards are posted.
The photos show my lovely Christmas cactus and a baby one too. The larger one I have had for about 5 years and never fails to flower at this time of year, the small one I bought last year and really thought it had died till I saw a pink bud on one leaf. Maybe I will be lucky and it will grow in size, I do hope so , they add a cheery glow to the room.
Well, I must go and prepare lunch and then visit relatives with Christmas goodies.


Anonymous said…
I have a big one ive had 20 years its just finishing flowering and one of its many babies is blooming now,my Big Mummy cactus is a never fail too, i keep it managable by breaking of ends to make babies and it encourages the flowers.
Vintage Reading said…
I do like a Christmas cactus. Cheerful and bright. Your ahead of me on the mince pies - not even bought any ingredients yet!
Anonymous said…
36 mince pies sounds like quite an undertaking. And I love the plants. I could use one of those here.
Anonymous said…
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year ♥

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