The Woman in White.Audio CD

'The Woman in White' by Wilkie Collins.

This novel was written in 1859 , I'm sure at that time it must have shocked society. Here, is a tale of primarily greed. Sir Percival Glyde is a sly and pompous man , a man who will trample over anyone to increase his finances and advance his position in society. His accomplice is Count Fosco, Italian by birth , a man who fled his own country to save his skin. The pair are scheming cads, who concoct outrageous plots to further their ends. Kidnapping, murder, madness and deceit are all given full rein in this novel.
This took me a while to 'read' as it is an audio cd and I only listened when sewing , but it was a brilliant book, an 'Agatha Christie' of the 1800's. Highly recommended.


Lezlie said…
I listened to this on audio also and thought it was wonderful! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

She said…
I am glad you liked it! I think it would be interesting to listen to rather than read. It took a while for me to get through as well-- it's definitely a chunkster!
JoAnn said…
I read this last month for the RIP Challenge. It was very long, but the pages flew by. I'm sure it made for a great listen, too!

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