Sewing progress.

Well it's been a very busy weekend as my grandaughter visited with her parents and auntie. I finished the above dress just in time and she has taken it back home with her , probably for Christmas. Although, it did look quite big, so which Christmas I'm not sure! The pattern was for 7 -13 lbs and as she is over 8lbs now no doubt she'll fill it out soon.
The weekend was taken up by visiting lots of relatives; her great grandma and aunties. Everyone cooed and smiled at her and she behaved in an admirable fashion , no crying. She even managed to sleep through the Latin Mass at church, not a peep was heard.So good and so beautiful!!!
The house seems very quiet now they have all left but they will all be back at Christmas , so we are all counting the days!!
Tonight is my sewing class, as my skirt (photo to follow) and the above dress are finished I am going to use left over material from my skirt to make a baker boy cap. That's the plan anyhow, we'll see how it goes...


Miss 376 said…
What a clever Grandma, the dress is beautiful
JoAnn said…
Little girls are such fun to sew for, and you are very talented!

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