The Miracle at St. Bruno's.

The Miracle at St. Bruno's
by Philippa Carr.

On Christmas morning the monks of an English abbey discovered what they later described as a miracle. The miracle was a child found in their crib. No parents could be found so the monks took the child as 'their own' and brought him up accordingly.All believed he had special 'powers' and as such grew into a very spiritual child.
Living nearby were Damask Farland and her parents plus their cousins. All were slightly in awe of the boy , but being children they liked to sneek the occasional glance through the boundary of the abbey.
This idyllic childhood however was overshadowed by the reign of the ruling monarch;Henry V111. His succession of wives all effected the children and monks . Which religion should they follow ? Both sides in this debate were in danger of losing their lives and the choices people made were to have devestating consequences.

Another excellent book by Phillipa Carr(Jean Plaidy/Victoria Holt). I felt that it showed the social structure of the country and how their King's decisions played a huge part in the lives of ordinary citizens.


Linda Jacobs said…
This sounds pretty good for historical fiction. It's not my normal genre but once in a while I really enjoy one and I might just look for this at the library this week.

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