Is your wooden spoon handy?

Today is ----
Stir up Sunday

November 22nd 2009 is Stir up Sunday when all Christmas pudding should be made. Don't forget that a Christmas pudding is traditionally made with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and His Disciples.

A proper Christmas pudding is always stirred from East to West in honour of the three Wise Men who visited the baby Jesus and every member of the family must give the pudding a stir and make a secret wish. Apart from coins other traditional additions to the pudding included a ring, to foretell a marriage, and a thimble for a lucky life.

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Mine are made , how about you?


Miss Moppet said…
Mog, I just wanted to say hello because I have a cat-themed blog too. The Misadventures of Moppet is named for my cat Miss Moppet who sadly is no longer with us.

On the subject of Christmas puddings, we usually buy ours I think, but my stepmother makes the Christmas cake. I think that has to be made even further in advance!
Anonymous said…
Looks yummy! Can you make some for me ;)

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