A Busy Weekend.

Yesterday was our church Christmas Fayre,it attracted quite a crowd . There were various stalls;crafts, cakes , tombola and the raffle stall. I helped with the raffle and we were all pleased to raise over £200 bringing the raffle total to over £1000. The prizes were varied from the the top prize of £100 to a box of chocolates, so there was much to please the public. The tickets have been on sale for a few weeks,therefore helping to boost the total.
After the fayre my husband and I spent most of the day and some of today delivering the prizes to various parts of the dale. This is always the best part of the weekend as people are always excited by their winnings.
So ends another successful fund raiser!

Now to start my Christmas shopping!


Barbara said…
Sounds like you had a great time not only at the fayre but travelling the moors with winning presents.

The Miracle at St. Bruno's sounds interesting.

You know in all my years I only read for the first time this week about 'stir Sunday'!

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