Weekend viewing.

The house seems quiet since my grandaughter left, not that she was unduly noisey but we do miss her.With no baby entertainment we resort to the remote control --- television at the moment is not thrilling, apart from 'Strictly' and 'Doc Martin' so we have been viewing 'A Horseman Riding By' dvds, borrowed from a friend.
The book of the same name(which I haven't read)is by R.F. Delderfield who also wrote 'To Serve Them all my Days', another t.v. series shown in the 80's. Whilst I adored to 'Serve them' this box set of the 'Horseman' I found a little slow in places. It follows the life of a country squire returning to his English estate after the Boer war. His dealings with farm tenants are varied and at times humorous, his private life stressful. Once settled back in England the estate continues as before but on the onset of World War 1 the tenants and the squires lives will never be the same.
Nigel Havers stars, although he was probably in his 20's he looked about 12, and far too young for the part. Amongst other actors was Prunella Ransome, who was excellent in her role. I have only seen her in one other role that was as Fanny Robins in 'Far From the Madding Crowd', now there was a fantastic movie, one I highly recommend!
Any good viewing in your house lately?


Pat said…
I love R F Delderfields books especially To Serve Them all My Days ( I am thinking of adding the DVD of this to my Christmas list) and Diana. I think I have read all of his novels now. Both Horseman and his other sage about the Swann family (can't remember the title) have the odd slow bits but as they are each in three volumes I suppose that is par for the course. I agree there isn't much worth watching TV at the moment. We are slowly working our way through the Morse DVDs which I received for my birthday.

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