St. Therese of Liseaux

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day visiting the
Carmelite Convent in Darlington.This was the day when the relics of Saint Therese of Liseaux were arriving and were venerated.
Saint Therese spent her religious years in the carmelite order in France. Her relics are
touring England and Wales till October 15th.
As the casket arrived from a church in Newcastle there was a guard of honour from the Royal Dragoon Guards. The Carmelite sisters (seen in cream cloaks in the photo) had worked hard in decorating the convent and a shop selling rosaries, medals and books was available.
It was a priviledge to attend the convent and to be able to pause at the casket and pray. As this venue was not publicised nationally, the public were made aware of the visit by word of mouth and although many were there we did not feel pressurised to keep our visit short. In fact my daughter and myself were able to pray at the casket twice . Many people purchased roses which were later laid around the casket or taken home for loved ones who could not make the journey.As the day of the visit was St. Therese's feast day
The carmelite sisters at the convent were very hospitable and had produced a delicous array of refreshments.
This was a truly spiritual experience , one I would not have wanted to miss. This day, October 1st was the feast day of St Therese, so it was extra special.Memories of the day will stay with my husband, my daughter and myself for a very long time.

Saint Therese of Liseaux pray for us.


Anonymous said…
Wasnt it wonderful meeting St Therese? sounds like the sister were great hosts
Jenny Girl said…
A moving experience indeed. Thank you for sharing.
carmelites said…
Delighted you had the joy of having the relics!We share your joy!
Best wishes from your sisters in Firhouse Carmel

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