Sewing class

Here is my latest sewing project. I have done most of the work so far in my sewing class on a Monday evening. These are held in a nearby school and with an average of 6 people we all get lots of individual attention from the tutor.
The pattern is an out of print McCalls as seen in the photo, I'm sewing it in a polyester/viscose/wool mix and I'm going to line it . A straight A-line skirt , it is a pattern I have used often.
Unfortunately it doesn't hang particularly well on the 'dummy' . I bought this dress model in the 70's when I did have a discernable waist however as the years have passed my skirts need to be pinned to stay on the model as my waist has enlarged considerably. Oh dear, well that's marriage and children for you, at least they are my excuse, lol!!!
The class has taught me much, one aspect of dressmaking I had not tackled before was the placement of an invisible zip(as seen in photo). These are sewn into the garment in a completely different way to the conventional zip and I do think they look much more professional.
My Monday evenings have been so enjoyable as well as sewing the socialising aspect with like minded people has been great.


Mary said…
Well you're certainly not alone in the waistline category! I heard a quote a while ago "I've gone from having the figure of an hourglass to that of a shot glass almost overnight." Funny but true : )

Lovely skirt. You're very talented!
BooksPlease said…
Your figure still looks remarkable slim to me! And it looks as though you're doing a really professional job.
Anonymous said…
Nice work Mog. You're quite the seamstress

(And I REALLY like those curtains you have in the second picture... :-)

Molly xxx

Oh and Booksplease - I completely agree with the "slim" comment. :-)
Marie said…
I like the skirt and I envy you your fun sewing class! :-)
JoAnn said…
Your skirt is coming along nicely. I enjoy sewing, too...and doubt any of us has the figure we did in the 70's!
Jenny Girl said…
Great job zetor! I admire your skills. I don't have the patience to learn sewing. I like the fabric choice too.

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