Are you going to join the HEN site?

HEN meaning 'Hand Embroidery Network', this is a community devoted to all types of hand embroidery. Each day a new stitch is chosen and a tutorial is given. It is a very good site, with many members and a gallery displaying their work. Quite inspirational, do check it out here.

Yesterday's stitch was algerian eye and today's backstitch, both whipped and plain.
You can see the lesson here.
Above is a photo of my Algerian eye stitch worked in different shades and it is surrounded by a strightforward backstitch.


Miss 376 said…
Off to have a look now, thanks Zetor
JoAnn said…
I was an absolute needlework fanatic 10-15 years ago...all sorts of stitches on linen, pulled and drawn thread work, etc. The photos on the lesson site are wonderful! Makes me want to get my needles and floss out again!

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