Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Sunday Salon

Reading is still a little slow, I like to read between 1-2 books a week, but we are still visiting my father in law in hospital, who is very poorly, please remember him in your prayers, thankyou. So only one book read last week,
'Black Coffee' by Agatha Christie. This book was originally a play, it didn't have the 'wow' factor for me. Perhaps it's because my mind is preoccupied with family.

From 'Agatha' I'm moving back to my old friend Jean Plaidy , as I'm about to start 'The Plantagenet Prelude'.
The blurb from the cover reads 'When William X dies, the duchy of Aquitaine is left to his fifteen year old daughter , Eleanor. But such a position for an unmarried woman puts the whole kingdom at risk...'
Eleanor will become one of history's scandalous queens...
This will be good, I'm sure.
Hope you all have a good week.


Miss 376 said...

Sorry to hear your father in law is still poorly, thinking of you all

gautami tripathy said...

Speedy recovery to your Father in law.

I like Agatha Christie!

TSS: Tommy Gun Tango by Brant Randall/Bruce Cook

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