A bevy of beauties!!

This photo, taken last night, is a group of my schoolfriends who had gathered to celebrate one girl's silver wedding anniversary. A casual photo you may think, but you have been deceived there was much rearranging of clothes and safety pins were strategically placed to maintain modesty in some cases, before the scene was set.
It was a lovely evening, adding to this good company there was delicious food we all enjoyed.
All but one attended the same school. These were not 'the happiest days of my life'.I never liked school at all, but for these friends it would have been quite intolerable. Thankyou 'girls'.


Anonymous said…
How wonderful! Girlfriends are so important.
The thing I noticed right off the bat was the glow on everyone's face. You all look so happy. You can't stage that.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful picture! It's so nice that you have stayed in contact with your friends. I didn't like high school either but I loved the social life centered around school. I still keep in touch with my high school class. I hope you are having a lovely week.

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