The Sunday Salon

This week has gone by in a blur. There has not been a great deal of reading time as we had a wonderful
celebration at church for our parish priest's golden jubilee.Also during the week we have been visiting my father-in-law in hospital , therefore reading has been minimal.
However,even when life is busy I still like to pick up a book for an odd minute here and there. So I have started another Jean Plaidy (I'm on a roll with her books, either as Jean Plaidy or Victoria Holt), this time it is
'A Health Unto His Majesty'
a novel of the life of Charles II. Although only a few pages in it is proving very good. Maybe by next Sunday I will have a review written.
Hope you all have a good week.


Marie said…
this week has been a blur for me too! :-) hope you get some time to relax today.
Linda Jacobs said…
Like you, I had a busy week of travel and making arrangements for my mom to go back to Florida so reading was a few pages here and there.

I'm hoping for a relaxing week with lots of reading time.
JoAnn said…
You certainly enjoy your Jean Plaidy books! Hope the week ahead is a little calmer.

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