Priest's Jubilee

This week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our parish priest's ordination. In July 1959 he took his priestly vows, to mark this great occasion we had two celebrations. One was held on Sunday and one last night.Following the morning Mass on Sunday we all met to give our congratulations in a parish setting.Last night saw the celebration of a Traditional Latin Mass,as seen in the photo. It was a wonderful evening with champagne and a buffet after the service. Many people attended including some from his former parishes. A loved and respected priest.
Congratulations Father!!

If you click to enlarge the photo the full beauty of our church can be seen.


Lezlie said…
Wow! That is gorgeous!
JoAnn said…
Such a momentous occasion! The altar is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations to your priest (and the parish)!
Anonymous said…
How beautiful! I feel as though many of the Catholic altars, including the one at my church, in America are forfeit for the simplicity of a more modern style-- what I wouldn't give for something like that!

Congratulations to your congregation as well!
Anonymous said…
Many Congratulations Father! A very great achievement.

Molly xxx
4TLMass said…
How beautiful your altar is and how blessed to have your dear priest to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Where is this beautiful parish located? This past Mother's Day, May 10th, we started a monthly Latin Tridentine Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church here in Kenosha, Wisconsin. We are looking forward to the time when we will be allowed to have a daily TLM. Many modifications had to be made to make the altar look Traditional. The end results were amazing.
God grant your priest many more years!
zetor said…
Thankyou all for your kind comments. The church has it's own website here,

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