Royal Ascot.

Today saw the beginning of Ascot and the Queen and members of the Royal family attended. Her outfit, no doubt made of silk looked beautiful, perfect for a summers day.The BBC commentator remarked that the Queen's brooch was a present from her grandmother, Queen Mary and that she always wears it on these occasions.A nice touch I think.
Princess Anne, has obviously inherited her mother's style,she looked very smart as usual.

Photos courtesy of
this site. You can see more 'royal' photos here too.


Ms. Lucy said…
She looks great in yellow, don't you find? Love her!
Sassy Brit said…
Hi! LOVELY to meet you, a fellow Brit I see, too.

The Royals look matching today!

Just thought I'd say hi - I am book blog surfing and came across yours -- glad I did!

Take care,

Anonymous said…
Hi Mog!

She does look very classy, as always.

On a related note, here are some interesting fashion moments from Ascot...courtesy of The Guardian's website:

I quite like the "MP's expenses" hat... :-)

Molly xxx

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