The Sunday Salon.

I have enjoyed a good week's reading.
I finished Indiscretions of the Queen by Jean Plaidy. This was the May book for the Jean Plaidy reading group. I wanted to finish it early as my next book is such a monster. Definitley one for the Chunkster challenge;
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I am wallowing in 600+pages of Tudor atmosphere here. It is exceptional, the attention to detail; quite remarkable. The title is the name of Jane Seymour's family home. Although she has only appeared briefly in the novel (I have many pages to read yet)it is living up to all the reviews seen in the press.All the usual suspects, I mean characters are present; Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Wolsey, the Boleyn family and of course(no show without punch!) Henry himself.
Will next Sunday see me still in the Tudor heartlands? Check out next Sunday's post.
Hope your reading is going well and you all have a good week.


Linda Jacobs said…
Love your story of the cows! It looks like a beautiful place to live!

I've noticed that when I am in a certain area I like to read books set in that locale. When I visited England a few years ago, I picked up a novel set at the Heligan Gardens, a place I really enjoyed. The book was good, too.

I've gone sailing a couple times, and always taken a sailing type of book with me. One was Dove by Robin Lee Graham about his circumnavigation of the globe when he was a teenager.

Your historical novels sound perfect for where you live!
JoAnn said…
I love books set in Tudor England!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like a great book. I love books about the Queens and Kings of England.

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