The Sunday Salon.

Hello Salonistas, hope the past week has treated you well. My reading seems to have slowed a little lately with only one book finished this past week. You can read my review here It was a good read and is one of my favourite genres.
The month of May is well and truly underway and so my thoughts drift to Summer;warm weather and summer reading. On reading various blogs I came across
Summer Vacation Reading Challenge on Molly's blog. So although I am not expecting to be boarding any planes, boats ot trains to far away lands my choice of books for this challenge will be a great substitute.
If, like me, vacations are spent closer to home this year let books be your mode of transport.

This challenge will get more blog coverage during the coming week, so watch this space!

Hope you all have a good week.


I read and reviewed a lot of books this past week.
Margaret said…
I'll check out the Summer Vacation Reading Challenge. So far we've no holidays booked apart from a few days in Stratford for my birthday.

I'm looking forward to seeing which books you choose.
JoAnn said…
I'll be joining the Summer Vacation Reading challenge, too!
Literary Feline said…
I am looking forward to the warmer weather that summer brings. I did not get much reading done this past week either. Here's hoping this week will be a bit better.
Anonymous said…
This sounds like fun. I wish I could partisipate but the next couple of months are going to be very busy here. Our second great grandson is going to be born on Monday if every thing goes according to plan ♥ Happy Mother's Day!
Anonymous said…
hello salonista, i am new to your blog but loving your posts, just thought whether you had any more of your farm pictures to put up?

Many thanks

From a bookaholic.

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