'Paths of Glory'. Audio Book

'Paths of Glory' by Jeffrey Archer.
Audio edition, read by Roger Allam (not Martin Jarvis as in the photo) abridged by Laura Wilson.

George Mallory.
photo courtesy of this site.

A novel focussing on the life of mountaineer George Mallory.A man whose passion was climbing, in fact as a teenager his ability to climb helped to gain him a place at Cambridge University. He was late for his admissions interview and the door locked in his face so using his ingenuity and his climbing ability he entered Magdalene College by it's high wall. His perspective tutors were so intrigued by this form of admission that he was allowed to meet his interviewers a little later than anticipated and so gained his undergraduate place.
George's passion for climbing led him to the University climbing club and eventually to the Royal Geographical Society. Ascending Mont Blanc and various other mountains his ability was brought to the attention of the Everest Commitee who were keen to reach the summit one day. This then became George's dream , a dream that would haunt him for years. On his 'path to glory' he met and married Ruth and had three children. Being happily married his dream was put on hold but eventually in 1924, through Ruth's insistance the dream is brought a little closer.

My first complete audio book; and I thoroughly enjoyed it . The story itself was very interesting and there were many brave men involved in the Everest mission.
One climber that was mentioned in the text was George Finch, an Australian by birth. When I heard Jeffrey Archer present his book on T.V. a while ago he mentioned Finch in particular. George Finch was the father of the actor Peter Finch!

I feel that this book has opened up a new type of reading for me, it was good to relax, close my eyes and have the words spoken, I think I will check the library for more audio books.


JoAnn said…
This sounds good - so glad you enjoyed it! I'll look forward to seeing what your next audio choice is.
Jenny Girl said…
I've only tried one audio book and the reader's voice was so good and relaxing she would put me to sleep.

It could have been the story too :)

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