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Here is today's discussion -------
Have you ever finished a book, then turned around and immediately re-read it? Why? What book(s)? (question courtesy of MizB)

My answer --------
I haven't reread a book immediately on finishing. However, one or two have been reread after a couple of years. The ones that come to mind are my Jean Plaidy and Charlotte Bronte books. I love historical fiction, consequently
Jane Eyre and
Murder Most Royal and
The King's Confidante were all rereads , the latter was read as part of the
Jean Plaidy reading group for April and was known as 'St Thomas' Eve' on the first read.

These books were exceptions though, as my tbr pile is quite high with first time reads I think it will be quite a while before I resort to rereading old favourites, but it is comforting to know they are still there' waiting in the wings.'

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I have re-read Jane Eyre so many times. One of my favourite books.

Doing an about turn
Nise' said…
I have a few favorites that get read every couple of years or so.
Miss 376 said…
I have lost count of the number of times I have reread Jane Eyre
Jenny Girl said…
Ahh, Jane there is good re-read. But only every so many years. Her is my musing
Nan said…
You're right, as an adult, I have way too many books that I'm dying to get to read. But I like your comment that old favorites are "waiting in the wings" in case the urge or need comes along to reread.
Yvonne said…
I really don't re-read too much since my TBR increased so much!

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