Sunday, 19 April 2009

The Sunday Salon

It's two weeks since my last visit to the salon.Since then a few pages have been turned and good stories digested, namely,
84, Charing Cross Road, a book in two parts, the first part a catalogue of letters and the latter; diary entries. Well worth a read.

My thoughts then turned to Spring and I wallowed in the delights of Italy in
The Enchanted April. This was a book to savour , the witty dialogue and the wonderful scenery really fired my imagination. I loved it, if you haven't read this book, READ IT, you won't be disappointed.

My final read of the fortnight was, Death in the Stocks a murder, mystery by Georgette Heyer, turned out to be a good story with just the slightest hint of 'Bertie Wooster', great fun!

What will this next week bring? Well I've already started my reading group noveland this will take up most of my reading till the next Salon visit.

Hope you all have a good week.


BooksPlease said...

84, Charing Cross Road is a great book - one to re-read sometime.

The other books sound good too and it's been years since I read any Jean Plaidy - which one are you reading?

JoAnn said...

Enchanted April is on hold at the library and, hopefully, should be available later this week.
I just loved 84 Charing Cross Road!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Blossom and I *love* 84 Charing Cross Road, have done so for many years. I think she was 9 when she read it first! LOL! Have you seen the movie? True to the book and excellent.