Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Sunday Salon --------' Mr Darcy key ring anyone?'

This week, I have read about a 'Cat' detective and a knitting club. Perhaps the cat would have enjoyed playing with the wool,lol!The last book was excellent , unfortunately the first was disappointing.
I'm reading 'A Wedding in December' by Anita Shreve at the moment and it is going well. I have enjoyed most of her books, especially the Pilot's Wife. Loved that one.

I usually scrutinise the Books section in the Daily Telegraph on a Saturday for some new tempts and yesterday certainly delivered the goods;
Jane's Fame:How Jane Austen conquered the World by Claire Harman.This book is published later this week and is definitely on my wish list. The accompanying article examines her cult status and our fascination with anything Austen. --
In 1796, before Jane saw any work published, she is reported as saying that she writes only to be famous. Well she's certainly achieved that . Her popularity has increased greatly in the last few years , due in part to the t.v. adaptations . These have produced such devotion, that merchandise for 'Mr. Darcy' keyrings and Colin Firth posters are easily found. I think I'll pass on these myself, but perhaps a second airing of her books is needed. I know I've missed Northanger Abbey in the past so this will be placed on my tbr pile promptly.
I think it's true to say Jane Austen HAS conquered the world, in a way which I'm sure she could never imagine!
Hope you all have a good week.

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Linda Jacobs said...

I'm embarrassed to say that my Jane Austen reading is pretty much nonexistant!

I'm going to have to change that soon!

I agree with you about Knit Two. I've read all three of her books and really enjoyed them.

Have a good week and don't fall overboard!