Monday, 23 March 2009

Musing Mondays.

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about bookstores…

How many bookstores do you frequent? Do you have a favourite? If so, which one and what makes it so?

I don't frequent many bookshops. Living out in the 'sticks' I have to travel for personal service. This happens every so often and the bookshop of choice then is
Waterstones. They have a great range of fiction and non-fiction (which is my husband's preference). There is also a coffee shop on the first floor and we often have a cup while trying to decide on a purchase.
It is a national chain and there is a rewards system in progress; points are earned on each purchase and then these are converted to cash to buy more books. Every quarter they produce a magazine ,
Books Quarterly this contains lots of book information including news of latest releases.
Checking out their website, I realise there is also a book club, so I think this company have got reading thoroughly covered.
More bookshop news here.


caite said...

The many of us that live in the sticks should be very thankful for online book availability.

Especially if they have free shipping!

Jenny Girl said...

Waterstones is a good anme for s bookstore. Calm and relaxing for reading.

Mary said...

Sounds like a great bookshop!

Charli and me said...

I've always wanted to live in the country, and still do, even though the book store I frequent is only a mile away. I would love to have enough property where I could take a nice walk and still be on my own land.

Ladytink_534 said...

Sounds like a really neat store!

Elaine said...

I have a great bookshop The Castle Bookshop in Colchester which I check out each time I go to have my roots done as it is next door to my hairdresser. I simply love the Waterstones in Picadilly and go there whenever I am in town.