Friday, 13 March 2009

'Is Cheltenham this way?'

'Are we on the right road for Cheltenham Festival?' I don't think so.(lol)
This was the scene passing our gate this morning. This couple often drive their carriage in the area. Their horses appear to be 'bombproof' as tractors or lorries don't seem to phase them. The drivers are pretty courageous too, as I have seen them travelling through the centre of our market town without a care in the world.

Today saw the last day of racing at the Cheltenham Festival and although I'm not a great fan my daughter loves anything to do with horses. Therefore in between lambing the odd sheep her eyes have been peeled to the tv to watch the most important race of all, the Cheltenham Gold Cup.
Kauto Star was successful in 2007 and this year , with jockey Ruby Walsh, he regained the Cup.He certainly lives up to his name, a true 'star'. Hope he gets extra 'feed' tonight!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun scene :) I cannot imagine a horse drawn carriage sauntering by my house. Thanks for the photo!

Charli and me said...

That is sooo neat! I cannot imagine a horse drawn carriage going past my house either. Thanks for sharing with us.