Wednesday, 25 February 2009

'Innocent Traitor'.

'Innocent Traitor' by Alison Weir.

This novel,based on a true story, follows the dangerous path that Lady Jane Grey trod in the 1550's. Her life progressed through the reigns of both Henry V111 and Edward V1. A turbulant time in history where protestants and catholics jostled for power.
She was the oldest daughter of Henry Grey, the Duke of Suffolk and his wife Frances Brandon. Her parents' were bitterly disappointed at her birth, a son and heir was their wish. At the time of Jane's birth Henry V111 was the monarch and his third wife Jane Seymour had given birth to a son , the future Edward V1.
Jane Grey's parents were very ambitious. Her mother was the daughter of Henry V111's sister Mary and this helped to fuel her need for power within the royal circles. Jane's mother ridiculed and abused her oldest daughter mercilessly. Whippings and smackings were commonplace.

'How dare you!' spits my lady. raining blows on my head and shoulders.'I tell you, I curse the day I bore you. You have been nothing but trouble ever since you came into the world. But I promise you, for all that, I will not neglect the duty laid upon me, as your parent, to expunge this evil streak of rebellion from your malicious heart.'

Jane herself was a studious girl and liked nothing better than to lose herself in her books. However, her parents' will overrode all her pleasures and she was used as a pawn in the dynastic power game that engulfed England at the time.

'Two thousand pounds,' Dorset says bluntly, without hesitation.'On condition that you arrange Jane's marriage to the King and no other.'

I was enthralled and appalled at this book. I love historical novels and this book captivated the spirit of the time. However, in doing this so well it showed the darkest, deadliest side of human nature, where greed and power replace love and kindness.


Lezlie said...

Didn't the end just give you the creepy-crawlies? I loved this book!


Anonymous said...

Hello I loved your review and haven't read this book yet, but might give it a go after reading your review.
Also, I must say that I LOVE the pictures of your sheep and cat on the right, is it nearly lambing on your farm, do you like feeding the pet lambs?

Thank you and keep the reviews coming!

Ginnie said...

I loved this book too, and I felt so sorry for Jane. So glad I wasn't a woman in Tudor times.

Charli and me said...

This looks like a great book! You wrote an excellent review. I hope you are having a happy day :>)