The Brutal Art.

'The Brutal Art' by Jesse Kellerman.

A thriller, set in New York. Art dealer Ethan Muller, was struggling in his career, when one day he discovered what seemed like a find of a lifetime. With no artist to claim the work Ethan displays the many pictures in his gallery. These pieces prove popular and he is shocked when the police appear to question him on his discovery. Apparently the artist of these intriguing pieces has disappeared.
So Ethan begins his journey to try and find this elusive man. The journey takes him across the United States and as he travels his own life is assessed.

'Electrified, unnerved, I stared for six or seven minutes, a long time to look at a sheet of 8and a half by 11 paper; and before I could censor myself, I decide that whoever had drawn this was sick'.

'My hands shook as I took the picture from Samantha. I felt a lot of things- sadness, relief, excitement- but most of all I felt betrayed.'

There are two stories running parallel in this book, the thriller and Ethan's own family history. It was a fast paced thriller, but not one that I would have chosen if I had known some of the details. I found some scenes too graphic for my liking and the swear words, in my opinion were not necessary. Omitting these it was a good story with an excellent ending.

I read this as part of my
Art History Reading Challenge.


Anonymous said…
Now this looks like a great book! Love thrillers...I guess that's obvious!

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