First challenge of the New Year.

Surfing the web and blogs in particular I came across this challenge. As I love historical fiction , this is definitely one I want to try.If you are interested in joining the details are here.
It has been running quite a few months now and finishes the first week of February. The category I'm going for is the easiest -------- 3 books. Life might get in the way of anymore!
At the moment I am reading Ariana Franklin's 'Mistress of the Art of Death'. After that I have a 'Cadfael' to start and the third one is yet to be decided.
Happy Reading.


Marg said…
I couldn't resist this one either, and Ariana Franklin is a great place to start.
Anonymous said…
I was reading Masques of Gold by Roberta Gellis but I just couldn't get through her writing, so right now I'm also reading Mistress of the Art of Death and so far so good! ;-)

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