The Sunday Salon.

Well although I'm not quite finished this Maeve Binchy book I thought I would review it here.(Only have a few pages left). This is a collection of short stories , all based around Christmas time. In each story the characters are all assessing what the Christmas season will mean/be to them. For some the prospect is lonliness for others the prospect of too many relatives and for some a 'one night stand' that is regretted immediately the bedroom door is closed (however no intimate details were disclosed). IMHO the main theme of the book is, we are all searching for the TRUE meaning of Christmas.How we all need to feel loved and to love. The relationships in the book all needed the human touch , the feeling that can't be found in an expensive present in this materialistic world. Now please don't misunderstand I am no killjoy and I love the present giving and the tinsle as much as anyone but I do believe in the basics of Christmas --------- the power of a child born in a manger and hence the power of human love.


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