Tuesday, 11 November 2008

An old soldier.

I've just seen Harry Patch , veteran of World War 1 on tv.This old soldier is now well over 100 and still remembers vividly the fighting in that war and how he held a comrade hand as he died. Wasn't that called 'the war to end all wars'. Unfortunately we all know that wasn't the case.
In these times we are all , imho dashing around , worrying about finances, homes etc. These are all important but I hope that I , at least, can take time to consider human beings and put my fellow man before my possessions.

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Barbara said...

Reading the installments of the book on World War 1 in the trenches, being serialised in the Daily Mail really brings hoime to one the almost unbelievable life in the trenches.
Have always known about them of course, especially as my Grandfather faught in WW1 but reading these personal stories is an eye opener.