ABC 3rd Round

Over on Mrs. Nesbitts' blog we are concentrating on the letter'P' this week. This is a photo of my daughter's pony. He is a Dales pony and is 3 years old. The photo was taken at a training school and hopefully he'll be home with us at the end of the week, so I'll have more opportunities to take some more pics. Hope you like him.
More pics


Lezlie said…
Cute!! What is his name?

Sailor Girl said…
A Poney!!!! I love them!!!

On behalf of the ABC Wednesday TEAM, I thank you for your wonderful contribution and ask you to start thinking about words beginning with «Q»!!! LOL!

Love, from Sunny Lisbon!!
Reader Wil said…
Of course I like him. Poneys are so important for children. The fact that they have to take care of an animal is very good.
Jay said…
I love horses! Your daughter is very lucky.
leslie said…
What a lucky girl and a lucky pony to come to a good home! Look forward to seeing more photos of "him"? Name?

Aha! Your word verification is 'COLIN' - GOOD NAME, HUH?
Rinkly Rimes said…
I'd love to see him brushing the hair out of his eyes!
AphotoAday said…
Looks like a fine animal to me...
I worked cleaning up after and feeding those critters a long time ago -- not a bad job...
peppylady said…
Never heard of a dales pony.

Coffee is on.
Oh my! a cute Pony! I am confused now, I think it's a Q this week but too many P post!

By the way, maybe you would like to join my bloggy anniversary giveaway :)


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