Friday, 17 October 2008

A great performance.

Yesterday my husband and I went to a nearby theatre to see 'And then there were none'by Agatha Christie. This really was an excellent show. The acting was superb; Gerald Harper(Adam Adament, Hadleigh)took the lead role and he was supported by, amongst others Jennifer Wilson(she appeared in 'The Brothers') and a great surprise to me, Mark Wynter. Now the last time I saw Mark Wynter , it was during his singing career, and a friend and myself queued to get his autograph in Scarborough. All this took place about 40 years , how time flies!! lol ! His performance yesterday was very good I imagine his acting career now is just as good as his singing career had been many years ago.
I have read the book of the play ,but that was a long time ago, so the story seemed quite new to me, but I think I will have to have a trip to the library!

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Purpleflowerpatch said...

We're definite Agatha Christie lovers here - in fact we're working our way through all the Poirot episodes at the moment - so we're quite envious of your night out at the theatre! Sounds like great fun. :-)