Christmas Recipe.

I've made a start with my Christmas cooking, I know it's still October but some recipes need time to develop.
This is taken from November 2006
Good Food magazine. It's title is Classic Christmas Chutney. As I have a lot of apples from the tree in the back garden I thought this was a good way to use them up. I made it last year and it was delicious. Here's the recipe if you care to try it,
1.85kgs. cooking apples, peeled, cored and roughly chopped.
250g. sultanas.
100g. crystallised ginger.
7 garlic cloves, roughly sliced.
1 half teaspoon mixed spice.
1 half teaspoon cayenne pepper.
1 half teaspoon salt
1 half teaspoon ground coriander
600mls. malt vinegar
750g. light muscovado sugar.

1. Tip apples, sultanas, ginger and garlic in food processor and pulse till roughly minced, but still quite chunky. Tip the fruit into a saucepan with 100mls water, cover then cook over a high heat for 10 mins.
2. Stir in the spices and half the vinegar then cook uncovered for 45 mins.
3.While the chutney is cooking stir the sugar and remaining vinegar together. When the apples have had the allotted time, pour over the sugar solution and simmer everything, very slowly for 2-2 and half hours. Stir occasionally at the beginning and at the end until the required consistency is reached--- this is when a wooden spoon drawn through the mixture leaves a clear path and no trace of unabsorbed liquid. Leave to cool, then fill hot sterilised jars to the brim. Seal with a lid and label.

N.B. Only use jars with plastic coated lids as vinegar will corrode the metal.

Store the chutney for 1 month before using for flavours to develop.

The chutney will keep for at least 6 months in a sealed jar . After opening keep in fridge and eat within 1 month.


Miss 376 said…
This sounds delicious. I got given some apples the other week and made some apple jam. I am the only one here that would chutney, but I am tempted to make some

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