Beautiful day

It's a glorious day here in Co. Durham. So this afternoon I'm planning to do a little maintenance , in the form of painting outside. We undercoated the garden gate and railings over a week ago and I've been waiting for a dry day to gloss, so today is the day.
We had a good weekend, I managed lots of stitching and nearly finished the second cat design . It looks good will post a photo when finished. On the reading front things are much slower , haven't worked out how I can stitch and read at the same time(lol!)apart from listening to an audio book.


Miss 376 said…
If you find the solution, let me know! Happy painting
Leigh Russell said…
Someone should invent a book holder that turns the pages automatically when you're ready. But I suppose you need to watch your stitching so that would make it difficult to read...

Thanks for visting my blog - my book's out in March (hopefully). It's been a taking a long time. I've been blogging about the publishing process for a long time.

At least with your designs you have some control over what you're doing! Perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book (pardon the pun) and go back to embroidery. I used to enjoy it, but I wasn't exactly talented at it...

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