Sunny Sunday

It's a beautiful day up here in Co.Durham, are we going to get an 'Indian Summer' I do hope so. I spent yesterday gardening, the rain over the last weeks(maybe that should read months)has played havoc with the garden and my planters so there was quite a bit of tidying to do. After that I went to Mass and sat down for a couple of hours of stitching. Will post pics soon. Today is a quiet day , I've just made Lasagne for lunch so I'd better go and get the table ready. Hope you are all having a good weekend. How are you spending it?


Miss 376 said…
I can't believe how good the weather has been this week. Just had to explain to the boys this morning what an Indian Summer was. Think it is what we all need. Enjoy the rest of your day
Anonymous said…
Its been wonderfull down here in Derbyshire, All ways the way when kids go back to school, my grass still so wet may be the shade keeping it damp,
Wonderfull blog , Thankyou
Ginnie said…
It's been wonderful in the Midlands too and my Auntie in Dorset rang and said how nice it was there... Looks like most of the UK has done ok weather wise!! yeah!!
Jackie Parkes said…
Thank God for the sunshine!
Barbara said…
Yes we do need to catch up with the garden after all the rain.
Hope your ulcer symptoms clear soon, not fun.
I like y our cat stitching.

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