I'm back

Well the computer is fixed at last. The problem was the router needed setting /rebooting. I'm not much good with comp. jargon , all I know is that it's working and hopefully will be good for a long while.
I have some catching up to do , as I'm sure you've all have been writing some interesting posts. I'll get around to reading them all.
These last few days I have finished one of my cat x-stitch pics. so all was not lost. Will post a photo in the next couple of days.
This is a queston to all you x-stitch ladies do you know if there are any FREE sites for Nativity Christmas cards. I've just had a quick look on the web and can't find any, thought someone may be able to help. Many thanks.


Ginnie said…
The only freebie I can find related to the Nativity is www.
cross-stitching.com go to the free charts tab and there is one called "Away in a Manager" it is more a cutsie than traditional one!

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