Christmas preparations?

Had a couple of rough days with my duodenal ulcer, this hasn't bothered me for months and I can't work out what I ate that flared it up, I'm happy to say it's much better today.I did manage to attend a meeting to discuss our Church Christmas Fayre last night. This year it will be held on 22nd. November, which seems a bit early I know but there are many people needed to use the same hall , someone has to be first.
Although there is a lot of work going into the organisation, the day itself always turns out well , both in monetary funds and companionship.
I'm now off to visit a sick parishioner in hospital , she's a wonderful old lady of 92 who has a great positive attitude to life, however I have heard that she is very sick so prayers are needed.


Lezlie said…
Christmas?? Are we already thinking about that? Where did the year go?? :-)

I'll send extra prayers for your parishioner, too!

Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh..You are right Christmas is almost upon us. where has all the time gone? I hope you feel better soon. I know that can be very painful and make you feel blah. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers until you are completely recovered!
Miss 376 said…
Hope you are feeling better soon, I am sure you will have a lovely evening

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